Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Im back!

Well im proving to be pretty usless at this blogging business, always finding reasons or time to not sit down and put my thoughts into words!

Since my last entry in march, i have had a good summer walking both here in England, Wales and France. Upgraded my camera and bought a camcorder to film some of my walks and wild camps. I've made more outdoor friends on Twitter and even met up with some of them at the Peak District social weekend at Crowdecote.

I continue to get out with my friend Terrybnd as often as i can as he is a right character, full of mischief but also a man of intense focus and dedication to his work as an outdoor videographer. That reminds me,
he has two huge projects for this year that need your support to make the vision a reality. The first is a Film made in conjunction with the famous outdoor writer Chris Townsend. It is all about winter in the Cairngorms national park. Click the following link for more information and how you could support this fantastic venture.


I've also met and been on a couple of camps with Yuri aka moonlightshadow as he is well known.
Yuri is another great guy to spend time with in the hills, he is interesting to have conversation with and has many views on the world and life. I would never tire chatting with him. He also carried my pack and his own on a descent from Kinder Scout as i have a knee injury that continually flares up. Top man and someone else i now see as a friend.

Im in the process of editing a video i made on a camp i had with them both in September and will post it here once it is complete.

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